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COMING SOON This business hotel in Asheville, North Carolina, makes the most its Smoky Mountain setting by reducing its environmental impact


Overall eco rating

PREVIEW: review coming soon, but here's what we know based on preliminary research. Ratings are provisional.

This North Carolina hotel in (relatively) liberal Asheville is greener than the LEED silver rating suggests – in our view this is greener than some LEED gold hotels we've seen.

Construction and operation of the hotel take care to minimise impacts (e.g. the efforts to reduce bottled water and promote green transport options) and the large solar thermal system provides a decent proportion of the hotel's energy needs from a renewable source.


We are awaiting further information from the hotel in this area but are aware of some efforts made by the hotel in this area.

  • Asheville itself is known for its green agenda – the town has committed to construct all public buildings to high standards of sustainability
  • Guests have access to bicycles
  • A good variety of local produce is clearly marked on menus – the restaurant has good local supply chain and also shops at the nearby farmers' market

Animals & nature

The hotel doesn't do a great deal to actively promote biodiversity but it has close involvement with animal welfare organisations and has a few measures that will have a positive effect.

PETA assessment of cruelty free credentials of cleaning products and toiletries to come.

  • Hilton Asheville contributes to the Animal Compassion Network which rescues cats and dogs from kill shelters and runs low cost spay and neuter programmes as well as adoption services
  • Several staff have adopted/fostered animals from ACN
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products and procedures reduce the hotel's downstream impacts on animals and nature

Environment & buildings

The large scale solar thermal system at Biltmore Park is one of the first such systems in the country and makes a big difference to the energy use of the hotel.  With other green initiatives across the board, this hotel has an impressive array of eco features.

  • Part of a wider sustainability project in Biltmore Park Town Square aiming to build up and create a more walkable, less sprawling urban environment
  • Green shuttle vehicle and parking prioritised for low emission vehicles
  • Has a pioneering large scale solar thermal hot water system to provide hot water for showers and restaurant and heat the (saline) swimming pool
  • Low flow showers and fittings and dual flush toilets in all guest and public areas reduce water use by 30%
  • Efficient lighting
  • Recycling is made easy for guests
  • Green cleaning materials and processes
  • LEED Silver certificate
  • Low VOC finishes and high recycled content in construction
  • Restaurant procures from local suppliers including nearby farmers market
  • Use of Hilton Environmental Analysis Tracker to keep tabs on waste, energy, CO2 and water (Hilton have reduced energy use by ~6% since introducing this system)
  • Reusable bottles of filtered water reduces consumption of plastic bottles by 15,000pa
  • Cooking oil recycled to biodiesel

  • Reusable water bottles are good but could do more on waste e.g. disposable coffee cups, single use sachets, refillable dispensers for toiletries


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Hilton Asheville Biltmore Park

43 Town Square Boulevard Asheville, North Carolina 28803

+1 828 209 2700

Standard room rates from US$169