Press enquiries

For information, photos, research or commissions, please contact:

Jill Starley-Grainger

[email protected]
London (GMT): +44 (0)7905 733530

Journalists and environmental consultants

Would you like to become a reviewer?

We do not operate press trips because we are not a booking site, a tour operator, a travel agency or a marketing site. We are strictly an independent editorial reviews site. However, we do need environmental consultants and professional luxury travel journalists to review hotels.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested in reviewing a hotel, with details of your professional qualifications and, if you are a journalist, a link to your portfolio website. We have a list of suitable hotels we have vetted and who can host our reviewers, but bear in mind that we have no funding, so we cannot pay fees or expenses. Our reviewers are carefully selected and must meet very high criteria. Journalists must have years of experience writing about luxury travel for high-profile consumer magazines, newspapers and websites. Environmental consultants and ecologists must have suitable professional qualifications and work in a related field.

Reviews are entirely independent, and hotels do not get to see them beforehand or edit them. Only the editorial team edits the reviews.